May 25, 2006
The Garden


...Down a winding staircase and into a beautiful lush

garden. Not too far away is the Red Pools. These many rooms

create the Virtual castle-in which I live. Some of these are

currently under construction as I prepare to open my home.

Moth 2006


Japanese Water art


A bed of rice lines the

the bottom the pool

colored fish of orange and white

fan their fins and make

the rice dance

red slips of cloth

have fallen from

a delicate dragon

wind ornament

They are dry

until the water soaks

making it heavy

slipping underneath

Olan Sung comes with

troubled heart

crumples over the pond and

allows a single tear to fall

a blip and a scatter of


ornamental fish

come to investigate

and peer at the little

soul with sad face

who opens one eye

At that moment

with blurry vision to see

a fish looking at her

with snow and red lace

dancing around him


Posted at 04:20 am by moth
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